Articles by FACS

POST/INDIE-PUNK. "lifelike" is FACS' sophomore release - 6 tracks clocking in at half an hour, carrying forward the musical trail blazed by the debut towards a new frontier. "lifelike" occupies a space in between the band's debut and the members former work with DISAPPEARS, applying minimalism and space in compositions that reside somewhere near the realms of post-punk, art-rock, shoegaze and post-rock. "lifelike" however adds a more melodic sensibility, without sacrificing any of the debut's punishing sonic muscle.

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POST/INDIE-ROCK. FACS sprung forth in early 2017 from the ashes of beloved Chicago band DISAPPEARS. "negative houses" is their debut recording; an abstraction of their former outfit, even more minimal and bare than what came before. After the departure of their bassist, DISAPPERAS remaining members put the project on hold, but ultimately decided to carry on, pushing the project towards new frontiers. Musically, FACS heads in the same direction as DISAPPEARS, albeit on a different path. They approach the stark, gothy post-punk they perfected more rhythmically and abstract than in DISAPPEARS.

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POST/INDIE-ROCK. Chicago trio FACS have evolved very quickly in the span of their 3 years in existence. "void moments" is their 3rd and latest offering - a dark and claustrophobic album with rivulets of seismic beauty peeking through the din. "void moments" offers an abstraction of the melodic elements that crept into "lifelike" and contorts them toward a new horizon. "void moments" cloaks the music behind a black velvet curtain of sonance, obsfuscating the band's most direct set of songs to date. "void moments" feels one step closer to oblivion, but its sounds are a welcome salve. Limited edition on pink vinyl!

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