HARDCORE. "life support" is a new 2-song release from hardcore legends AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. The a-side contains the title track and confidently expands upon the jangly proto-punk leanings hinted at on previous releases while retaining their trademark angst. The b-side features a fantastic rendition of the classic "left for dead", originally by Boston's LEMONHEADS. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 9.00€*


HARDCORE. "we’re down til we’re underground" by GIVE UP THE GHOST was originally released by Equal Vision Records in 2003. The immediate emulation of their sound and image by their peers clearly illustrates the point. Instead of adhering to the tight confines of punk and hardcore, GIVE UP THE GHOST let their diverse musical tastes permeate their songs. After all, it’s an album born out of pressure and pain more so than most hardcore records (past or present) will likely ever be.

CD 12.50€*