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POST-HARDCORE. Despite its relative brevity (at 43min. it is ENVY's shortest album since their early-'90s thrash days), "atheist's cornea" is easily the band's most progressive work. Beginning with a punishing pummel, holes of light are gradually punched open to reveal an uncanny series of dynamic, emotionally charged epics. "atheist's cornea" is the purest, most distilled example of ENVY's brand of brilliance. It is also their bravest album, taking new risks with a much welcomed, broader vocal palette and an instrumental experimentation that navigates blistering shifts from impenetrable noise to poetic, pin-drop introspection with astounding grace. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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POST-HARDCORE. "the fallen crimson" - the 1st new studio album from ENVY in 5 years - is a record that almost never happened. Japan's most iconic and influential post-hardcore band suffered seemingly insurmountable personal and creative struggles that challenged the very existence of the band like nothing they had experienced in their nearly 3 decades together. After re-uniting with briefly estranged singer Tetsuya Fukagawa - and shaking up their lineup for the 1st time in 25 years - ENVY returns refreshed with their most dynamic and progressive work, "the fallen crimson". Clear vinyl.

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