HARDCORE-PUNK. RESTRAINING ORDER formed in 2017 after the band members made it their New Year's resolution to start a 1982-style hardcore-punk band. Heavily influenced by original hardcore movers and shakers such as MINOR THREAT, CIRCLE JERKS, and JERRY'S KIDS, RESTRAINING ORDER took their '82 style and added just enough '77-punk attitude and garage-rock hooks to stand out among today's crop of retro-style hardcore punk bands. Hot off the heels of both their demo and "something for the youth" promo tape, RESTRAINING ORDER presents their self-titled debut 7" for New Age Records. New pressing now available on blue vinyl.

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HARDCORE. Crawling out of the gutters of Western Massachusetts, a locale known for producing some of most volatile hardcore punk bands of the last two decades, RESTRAINING ORDER does their forefathers proud with this LP of fast hardcore that takes cues from the Massachusetts classics NEGATIVE FX, SSD, and wraps them in a modern production. Colored (white) vinyl includes a digital download card.

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