HARDCORE-PUNK. "move" is the new full-length from the legendary Boston hardcore-punks. It's the bands 3rd album, and their 1st in over 30 years! Despite the passing of the decades THE PROLETARIAT have lost none of their anger or focus, it's no coincidence that the punk scene is enjoying a renaissance right now as the political climate on both sides of the Atlantic is something that needs a coherent and intelligent soundtrack to voice opposition, with the release of "move" that is exactly what THE PROLETARAT have delivered.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. Calling THE PROLETARIAT a hardcore band is a big stretch, at least if you're talking about hardcore as a musical style. While the other Boston bands were defining a local sound based on speed and brutality, the PROLETARIAT were melding the styles of their heroes the SEX PISTOLS and GANG OF FOUR to create sparse, edgy, but always hyper-aggressive melodic hardcore-punk. In '81 they put out a 7-song demo tape called "distortion". Some of these songs would end up on their 1st LP, but only after THE PROLETARIAT were introduced to a wider hardcore audience through the seminal compilations "this is boston, not l.a." and "unsafe at any speed". The band came into their own with the release of their 1st LP, "soma holiday" on the Radiobeat label in 1983. This record contains 18-blasting art-punk anthems that tackle a variety of social issues. Although more direct in their critique than GANG OF FOUR, the PROLETARIAT never had the blatant agenda of CRASS.

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HARDCORE-PUNK. In the fall of 2016, after a 33-year hiatus, THE PROLETARIAT decided to reunite to celebrate the re-release of their groundbreaking record "soma holiday". The shows went so well that the band decided to play more shows and write new music. They recorded 2 songs for an 7" entitled "the murder of alton sterling". Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

7"col 7.50€*