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HARDCORE. Almost more than 30 years ago 4 teenager from south of Germany found the hardcore band INFERNO. There only motivation was being louder, faster and harder than DISCHARGE. In early '83 they recorded their classic "anti hagenbach tape", with 24 tracks of pure energy and tightness. Hardcore-punk at its best. They got worlwide feedback because of their contribution to the "cleanse the bacteria" compilation and metal S.O.D. covered their "ram it up". This 1st colored pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and includes an 8 sided booklet with lyrics, liner notes and new picture from the early INFERNO era.

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HARDCORE. Another classic title from the german hardcore history now for the 1st time officially reissued. The 2nd full-length, "hibakusha" from south germans INFERNO was recorded in summer '85. It contains 14 brutal songs recorded with a pinch of speedcore that were not to be surpassed in power at the time. The Japanese term "hibakusha" is used in the Land of the Rising Sun usually in connection with the victims of the atomic bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The recordings were remastered by Archie Alert (guitar). Cover and lyricsheet has also been reworked by Howie (singer).

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HARDCORE. The classic of German hardcore history was officially re-released for the 1st time. "tod und wahnsinn" was one of the most important hardcore records in Germany, originally released in 1984 by Mülleimer Records. "tod und wahnsinn" deliver 20 songs with an unbelieveable speed and brutality. For the artwork the band worked with Pushead. With this full-length INFERNO actually became world famous. Afterwards they recorded material for various samplers ("cleanse the bacteria", "welcome to 1984", "ultra hardcore power" and others). The re-release has now been re-designed down to the smallest detail and the booklet was put together the way it was originally planned for release. The re-release comes in 3 different colored versions. Colored (blue, Record Store Day edition) is limited to 300 copies

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