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NOISE/METAL-ROCK. "command your weather" sees BIG BUSINESS return to its original two-man lineup of Jared Warren and Coady Willis. It's a haunting dream about the struggle for dominance of will over the power and unpredictability of nature. Or it's just a really great rock record, it depends on how weird you're willing to get. In 2006 Jared and Coady joined forces with the Melvins and moved to Los Angeles. Performing as members of the MELVINS and staying autonomous as their own band, they have been there ever since.

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NOISE/METAL-ROCK. BIG BUSINESS startes as a two-piece hardcore-influenced rock act from Seattle, featuring Jared Warren of KARP and the WHIP and Coady Willis of MURDER CITY DEVILS. The two combine a heavy, sludgy, and rumbling bass tone with tenacious and violent drumming to create a furious and exciting rock band. Think DRIVE LIKE JEHU if they stripped down their sound to just bass and drums and listened to nothing but '70s hard-rock.

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NOISE/METAL-ROCK. Their 1st full-length album "head for the shallow" was released in 2005, followed by "here come the waterworks" in 2007. You'll be amazed at what bassist/vocalist Jared Warren (KARP) and drummer Coady Willis (THE MURDER CITY DEVILS) have done with such a minimal set-up. BIG BUSINESS' "here come the waterworks" is catchy, full of life, and undeniably rocking. For all the monstrous drumming and delectable distorted bass, this one is all about songwriting. You will move along with the music, revel in the low-end pummel, and remember the melodies long after you've put the vinyl on the shelf, that is, if you can even keep it there without tossing it back in for additional listens.

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NOISE/METAL-ROCK. Chances are high that if you like the 1st two records from L.A.-via-Seattle's BIG BUSINESS, you'll also like the band's 3rd album in 4 years, "mind the drift". Fans who were worried that the addition of a guitarist would negatively affect BIG BUSINESS need not have worried. Becoming a trio for their 3rd album, "mind the drift", has only given the burly band more weapons to play with. BIG BUSINESS makes a big noise still, but there’s a little more color to it.

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NOISE/METAL-ROCK. BIG BUSINESS are a band. They play heavy rock. Things get tricky when you try to classify exactly where on the musical spectrum the dynamic duo's racket falls. With a new, dynamic demoing process leading to the creation of the most songs they've ever written for an album, "the beast you are" delivers 13 doses of uncategorizable heavy rock music. BIG BUSINESS continue to defy listener's expectations. There are hints of MELVINS, TORCHE, and TAD, but these duo bring their own off-kilter sensibilities to the genre. No matter the context of their music, however, one thing remains true: they are definitely still a band.

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