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POST-METALROCK. ROSETTA returned in 2017 with "utopioid", their 6th full-length album and most concept-driven work to date, an intersection of heaviness and beauty. "sower of wind" is a LP built on soundscapes buried inside "utopioid" - elements which the band thought deserved a fuller treatment. Each track draws inspiration and source material from the corresponding quadrant of "utopioid", but uses it to tell a different story. It's a more peaceful, primordial listen than its older brother, without vocals or percussion, drawing tension from the interplay of acoustic instruments and washed-out drones. For fans of ISIS, MONO, PG.LOST or STARS OF THE LID.

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POST-METAL. While the latter saw ROSETTA expand to a 5-piece and use melodic vocals for the 1st time, "the anaesthete" emphasizes the dark and dismal side of ROSETTA. After concluding a decade-long partnership with Translation Loss Records in 2013, ROSETTA embraced their newfound independence in 2013 with this self-funded, pay-as-you-wish album. Informed as much by the minimal soundscapes of STARS OF THE LID as by the pulverizing weight of GODFLESH and drone/doom influences, ROSETTA's compositions have a spaced-out, exploratory feel, appropriately dubbed metal for astronauts.

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POST-METAL. ROSETTA returns in 2017 with "utopioid", their 6th full-length album and most concept-driven work to date. Written as a four-part song cycle that treads multipolar extremes of texture, dynamics, and harmony, it reaches the highest heights and the deepest lows of the band's career. An unflinching study of human aspiration, frailty, and betrayal, the album is equal parts mysticism and the band's own biography, encapsulating and transcending the band's 14 years of sonic experimentation. With "utopioid", ROSETTA has again upended their stylistic palette.

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