Articles by MINDFORCE

HARDCORE. Hudson Valley's debut Triple-B release. Ten tracks of blistering crossover-influenced hardcore in the vein of "best wishes"-era CRO-MAGS, LEEWAY, and BURN. "excalibur" takes MINDFORCE to the next level in aggressive hardcore music. Now available again on colored vinyl with alternate cover artwork and 1 additional track on a Flexi 7". Colored vinyl includes digital download.

LPcol+7" 23.50€*


HARDCORE. The Hudson Valley hardcore outfit MINDFORCE made for one of the best heavy listens and breakouts in 2018 with their breakout debut full-length "excalibur". It was a listen that crossed over harder-nosed elements in the scene as it thrashed in the ranks of ‘80s NYC hardcore as much as it did slicing through bodies with a mighty metal sheath. With the band’s followup, a 4-track release called ", MINDFORCE wield an even sharper edge than its predecessor did. In their mission the decimate the old guard, MINDFORCE succeed at leaving everything in ruins. Colored clear blue) vinyl includes a digital download card.

MLPcol 21.50€*