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HARDCORE/METAL. TRAP THEM returned to GodCity Studios to once again team up with Kurt Ballou to create a heinous, pummeling album of chaotic, metal-tinged hardcore that refuses to tone down any of the harsh sounds brought on their previous 6 releases. There may be many questions about TRAP THEM, but there are only 2 answers. There is none more ugly and, most certainly, none more bitter. With the addition of new drummer, from THE RED CHORD, the band is poised to do more damage. The music went from heavy to heavier, from dark to darker. "blissfucker", their 2nd release for Prosthetic Records, TRAP THEM has once again established themselves as not so much a band, but an entity.

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HARDCORE/METAL. TRAP THEM is the scourge of the Northeast, continually bringing blasting, grinding, metallic hardcore. "crown feral" is an album by a band at their ferocious peak - perfectly balanced and crafted with a tension and an anger that is TRAP THEM at their best. "crown feral" is the band's 5th full-length following on from their acclaimed 2014 release "blissfucker".

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HARDCORE/METAL. Formed by members of BACKSTABBERS INC. and DECEMBER WOLVES who had a mutual love of bands like ENTOMBED, NASUM, NAILS and TRAGEDY, TRAP THEM churned out 2 full-length records for Deathwish before moving to Prosthetic where they continued to push the envelope of extreme hardcore, infusing influences of metal, grind and d-beat. Originally released in 2011, now re-issued in a limited edition of 250 copies on half-black/white vinyl.

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HARDCORE/METAL. "seance prime: the complete recordings" MLP combines all of their pre-"seizures in barren praise" material (the "seance prime" MCD and material from their split 7" with EXTREME NOISE TERROR) into one brutal MLP release. All of the material has been remastered and features reworked packaging. This release, in its original form, put TRAP THEM on the map of the most interesting heavy bands out there today. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

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HARDCORE/METAL. TRAP THEM are an absolutely brutal hardcore band. Once again engineered by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios, "seizures in barren praise" shows TRAP THEM at their most vicious. Having mastered the art of aural bludgeoning, the album musically rips, stomps, and claws forth with rabid emotion - all of this a fitting backdrop to Ryan McKenney's lyrical stories of depression and pain. “seizures in barren praise" is a fictional ghost town version of every non-fiction town.

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HARDCORE/METAL. Prepare yourself - put on your mask - put on your gloves. Built from the ground up by members of BACKSTABBERS INC. and DECEMBER WOLVES to set fire to burning resentments. This is blistering, grind-infused hardcore, with d-beat hints and a metal-edge for worshippers of ENTOMBED, TRAGEDY and even legendary DISCHARGE. This is TRAP THEM and they are prepared to break down your front door and put their art right in your face. New pressing now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. Colored vinyl version includes a digital download card.

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