putting the hammer down (2013/HOMETOWN CARAVAN)

SINGER/SONGWRITER. "putting the hammer down" contains 8 songs of stirring acoustic country-punk from former GUIDED CRADLE member. Ironically, it took expatriating from America to the Czech Republic a few years back to truly get in touch and refine the roots of his father's midwestern, bluegrass upbringing. Recorded (and backed) by his father in their family room (complete with backup singing from his sister and other family members), "putting the hammer down" is the type of album that crosses genre boundaries and strikes chords with a surprisingly diverse set of people round the world. Tales of lonesome nights, alcoholism, sickness and one of the finest anti-war songs ever put to tape make this album a fine addition to anyone's collection.

LP 16.50€* CD 14.00€* Other articles by AUSTIN LUCAS