wolf it down (2007/PARTS UNKNOWN)

NOISE-PUNK-ROCK. Clevo does it again! Featuring members of the INMATES, DARVOCETS, CIDER, and pretty much every other Cleveland band worth mentioning in the past 10 years, THE WOLFDOWNERS debut (and swansong) "wolf it down" is upon us. Fuzzy, noisy, groovy, and kinda hard to tie down, the WOLFDOWNER's won't disappoint. Remember when Man's Ruin used to be a label that could do no wrong? Well it's kinda like that but better. Full of weirdness, trippy guitar solo's, and overall madness. This is a one time press of 500 copies. "It's not your daddy's rock n' roll".

LP 6.00€* Other articles by WOLFDOWNERS, THE