knowledge vs. fear (2002/PER KORO)

GRINDCORE/HARDCORE. After 8 years struggling in the german underground and releasing a couple of tapes, demos, split 7“s and an outstanding 7“, it was worth waiting for the 13 track debut full-length of this southern German grind-force. BLINDSPOT A.D. improved within the last years and have found an unique heavy sound compareable to nowadays Relapse, Deathwish or Willowtip artists. The mixture makes this mayhem so special: intense chaotic hardcore elements team up with sheer death-metal brutality, dark emotional melodies collapse with blasting grindcore. You can feel the hate and anger which is conveyed through the apocalyptic and misanthropic but political aware lyrics screamed out on top of it. Packed in an eyecatching artwork done by André Liegl, engineered by Bernhard Hahn (Dawnbreed, Mine, Atrocity, Fear My Thoughts) and finally mastered at Morrisound Recordings, which is famous for the work they have done in the '90s - you can call this a fat production! [PK 039]

CD 2.50€* Other articles by BLINDSPOT A.D.