helduntergang (1998/PER KORO)

METALCORE/HARDCORE. After the highly acclaimed 7 ", "helduntergang" was the 1st album from these young band from solingen, Germany. The music combines elements of modern post-hardcore, metalcore and classic death-metal. The change between melancholic, ballad-like melodies and hard parts with abstract, machine-played rhythms is particularly significant. A special trademark and characteristic style of ACLYS was the very high played guitar melodies and the very technical drumming, which often relies on rhythms and beat changes that were atypical for modern hardcore and metalcore. The vocal spectrum ranges from throaty black-metal and screamo vocals to deep death-metal growls. ACLYS was one of the few German metalcore bands that uses the German language. [PK 024]

LP 11.00€* Other articles by ACLYS