hau ab... (2020/POWER IT UP)

PUNK-HARDCORE. MUT AUS FLASCHEN (M.A.F.) is another classic German punk story. For the 1st time the complete discography on vinyl. The material is a rough, fast and trashy punk with hardcore hints. The sound of M.A.F. is full of alcohol and anger. The 1st LP contains the songs of the "hau ab" LP on Rock O Rama, on the 2nd LP there are songs from the demo recorded in 1983, as well as songs from the split demo with MACH 3 and live material from 1983. Colored (green) vinyl comes with a 12-page booklet and additional beer-coaster.

DoLPcol 24.50€* Other articles by M.A.F. [MUT AUS FLASCHEN]