keine krise kann mich schocken (2020/TAPETE)

PUNK-ROCK. Düsseldorf punk band ÖSTRO 430 was founded in late 1979. Östro 430 played for the 12t time in 1980 where they were discovered by the band Fehlfarben and hired as a supporting act for their Germany tour. The instrumentation, which consisted of vocals, bass, drums, e-piano and saxophone, was also striking - e-guitars, however, became entirely neglected or simply not needed. In spring 1983 the 1st real album "weiber wie wir" was released, but no further releases were made. In 1984, ÖSTRO 430 gave a farewell concert in Düsseldorf and dissolved. All recordings of the band's studio recordings now appear on this double vinyl for the 1st time.

DoLP 26.00€* Other articles by ÖSTRO 430