dominator or destruction (2019/SEALED)

PUNK-HARDCORE. The complete remastered ICONOCLAST discography including the immense demo (1983), the Flipside 7" from 1985 plus 2 compilation tracks. It's a small but perfectly formed discography and one that 36 years after it was recorded still has power, intensity and rage. ICONOCLAST were part of the early '80s American peace-punk scene - idealistic bands highly influenced by CRASS which shined amongst the heavily nihilistic California punk scene of the era. ICONOCLAST sound was in tune with DISCHARGE or early ANTISECT. Vinyl includes a 24 page booklet containing interviews, photos and flyers from the era documented, 1983-1985, which will help understanding the band ideas and the local scene of the era.

LP 18.00€* Other articles by ICONOCLAST