between (2019/ERSTE THEKE)

POST-PUNK. This is utterly brilliant, amazing stuff Nihilistic post-punk jams with a generous serve of primitive electronics. The music is beyond this universe, the message is perfect for our times. The post- and synth-punk on the 1st public interest recording, hailing from Oakland is quite variable. Sometimes hanging out the cold synthwave sounds like another electrified variant of DIÄT or TOTAL CONTROL in a spacy abgroovemode. To put it simply, what we’ve got here is something like an under-caffeinated TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, or a darker WIRE who stumbled upon synth. Great synthpop songs delivered with just the right amount of damage. Behind the mask and the project hides Chris from MARBLED EYE, which the sound alone suggests, with such a sensitivity for super-mature songwriting that would have been even ahead in the '80s, and especially now. Great!

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