duality (2019/PROFANE EXISTENCE)

CRUST-HARDCORE. CARNAGE, are a relatively new band from Lisbon, Portugal. After releasing a very highly praised demo tape in 2017, CARNAGE are finally back to commit a proper vinyl release. To be put simply "duality" is apocalyptic mid-tempo metal influenced crust at its best. CARNAGE have brilliantly dipped their pen in all the right places. Taking obvious cues from the legendary 80 UK crust/stenchcore scene, '90s Japanese crust, and Swedish death-metal, yet somehow making something new. For fans of AMEBIX, ANTISECT, S.D.S, DEVIATED INSTINCT, HELLSHOCK, etc. Artwork by Stiv. (Profane Existence

7" 7.00€* Other articles by CARNAGE