platinium rats (2019/DAMAGED GOODS)

PUNK-ROCK. Yes folks THE BRIEFS are back with a brand new album - "platinum rats" is the band's 5th LP and the first since 2005's "steal yer heart". That's not to say they've not been busy - some of them have released 3 albums in the last decade by their other band THE CUTE LEPERS. Where THE CUTE LEPERS records feature some added power-pop drive, THE BRIEFS are closer in spirit to pure '77 punk - loud, raucous and fierce, yet cohesive, hooky and hilarious. "platinum rats" is 12 tracks of pure punk-rock pandemonium, it will not disappoint! Colored (clear) vinyl is limited to 1000 copies.

LPcol 18.00€* CD 12.00€* Other articles by BRIEFS, THE