the anaesthete (2018/PELAGIC)

POST-METAL. While the latter saw ROSETTA expand to a 5-piece and use melodic vocals for the 1st time, "the anaesthete" emphasizes the dark and dismal side of ROSETTA. After concluding a decade-long partnership with Translation Loss Records in 2013, ROSETTA embraced their newfound independence in 2013 with this self-funded, pay-as-you-wish album. Informed as much by the minimal soundscapes of STARS OF THE LID as by the pulverizing weight of GODFLESH and drone/doom influences, ROSETTA's compositions have a spaced-out, exploratory feel, appropriately dubbed metal for astronauts. Limited colored (yellow/orange) vinyl includes a digital download card.

DoLPcol 30.50€* Other articles by ROSETTA