nagged to death (2018/FYSISK FORMAT)

HARDCORE/METAL. NAG is a three-piece metallic-punk band hailing and howling from the Norwegian west-coast. Bizarrely, a record so rooted in the crust sound is at it’s most pleasing when it’s furthest away from the scuzz and festering rot of the genre. "nagged to death" is full of chest-beating overdriven punk anthems with repeated, belted out lines and crowd-pleasing riffs, for sure, it’s just far more enjoyable when NAG are playing with traditional metal aspects and slowing things down. This is a record that will conflict the crusties who want everything fast all the time. Throw TRAP THEM, GUST, BAPTISTS, and RED FANG into the ring together and the ensuing violence would sound a lot like this.

LP 20.00€* Other articles by NAG