heavy mental fuck-up (2018/THE SIGN)

HARDCORE/METAL-PUNK. PARANOID returns with their 2nd album "heavy mental fuck-up". The new album is rawer, darker and have a more metallic sound than on their hyped and distorted debut "satyagraha", on Southern Lord Records. A clearer recording gives more space to the sheer brutality that is PARANOID. The ex-treme sides get even more extreme as the band crank it up with chainsaw solos. Adding more metal to their influences that range from Swedish d-beat, raw punk to Japanese hardcore set the band on the same path as early '80s extreme metal band as CELTIC FROST or POSSESSED. Uncompro-mising and destructive. With "heavy mental fuck-up", PARANOID show that they have been one of the best kept hellish rock 'n' roll metal-punk bands from the underground scene - until now!

LP 19.50€* Other articles by PARANOID