es lohnt (2018/THIS CHARMING MAN)

POST-PUNK. Curtain up for the latest post-punk new entry in TCM. After the topical debut "aesthetic. likeable. broken", there is now the long-awaited follower. Although all eponymous adjectives also apply to the new record, the sound is still damned dirty and pithy, but emanzipeirt strong. The instrumentation in the 8 songs alternates between classic, noisy post-punk, which in combination with the slightly wave/goth sounding vocals gives an explosive mix, and expansive parts with a stoically marching beat that gives way to jangly guitars from the gas and up to the reverb pedal. It is definitely worth it! Colored (orange) vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 8.00€* Other articles by NUAGE & DAS BASSORCHESTER