HARDCORE-PUNK. Featuring former and current members of such bands as PORTRAYAL OF GUILT, MOTHMAN, and THIEVES, DRIP-FED 1st got together in 2014, releasing a demo that same year. With a sound that encompasses influences from several corners of the punk and rock spectrum, the band's "sickened kind" (2015) and "under the wave blanket" (2017) releases hit tough in the hardcore lane groups like MODERN LIFE IS WAR like to explore, but there's also an overall hookiness that brings to mind Sub Pop during its glory years. Now their debut ful-length deliver fast hardcore-punk cocktail - THE BRONX meets MODERN LIFE IS WAR and early FUCKED UP. Tape is limited to 100 copies. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card.

LPcol 12.50€* TAPE 6.50€* Other articles by DRIP-FED