inconsolible (2018/COMMUNITY)

SLUDGE-HARDCORE/METAL. Community Records is pleased to offer THOU's "inconsolable" - a collaborative companion MLP to 2018's full-length "magus" - offering 8 THOU compositions expressing the band's ongoing confrontation with the grotesquerie and power of modern civilization with a unique focus on melodic vocal and string performances by the band and guests. "inconsolable" stands apart from any other THOU release as the 1st they would call "acoustic" for a radical instrumental stride away from the heavy, electric instrumentation that's seen them relegated. THOU's "inconsolable" is a collaborative album that, unlike ever before, offers THOU's love of dark, '90s, guitar pop beyond the macabre, through the macabre. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 17.00€* Other articles by THOU