bengalo (2018/END HITS)

HARDCORE. To bohemian for the street - to street for the club! EMPOWERMENT from Stuttgart go their own way and stand for uncompromising hardcore. Their rejection of common mechanisms begins with the refusal to operate their own social media pages and ends in the album, "bengalo", which flirts with hypes and convincing with brute songs - a clear, honest opinion against fascism, racism, exclusion and discrimination, but at the same time "bengalo" is also an ode to friendship, connectedness and loyalty. Musically show empowering parallels to the New York hardcore pioneers MERAUDER in their "masterkiller" era but let sit with their rough shouts again and again. Something else is mixed up with this: the spirit of smart German punk bands. Clear colored vinyl!

LPcol 17.50€* CD 14.50€* Other articles by EMPOWERMENT