HARDCORE-PUNK. The songs of SUNPOWER could easily be grabbed from Jello Biafra‘s Dawanda shop: a self crocheted wool blend cardigan out of NEW BOMB TURKS, ANGRY SAMOANS and POISON IDEA sewing cotton, that smells like swedisch woods and american suburb garages: fuel soaked lumberjack wear for the kids of today. Way more cynical do CHEAP DRUGS appear on the black screen with the reflections of today‘s downfall: "no border control, let them in!". REAGAN YOUTH mixed with mangy midtempo-d-beat and complex '80s-hardcore. A ratty CIRCLE JERKS patch on old US army camo shorts. Both bands play their role in nowadays punk scene with a knowledge, how to kick peoples asses. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 5.00€* Other articles by CHEAP DRUGS / SUNPOWER