vol.1 + vol.2 (2017/ERSTE THEKE)

POST-ELECTRO-PUNK. This "vol.1 + vol.2" compiles the 1st two tapes of the group’s efforts, and hot damn, is it fuckin' good. SKULL CULT is a maniacal, goofy, utterly infectious synth-infused punk project with shameless songwriting. The hammy, omnipresent key tones sound as if they’re emanating from a Fischer-Price "Baby’s First Keyboard" that’s low on batteries, the vocals are discernably alien-like and hellbent on rattling your eardrums, and the bass and drums are so synonymously quirky and synchronized - this 7" is insane in every sense of the word. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 5.00€* Other articles by SKULL CULT