#406 (march 2017) (2017/MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL)

HARDCORE/PUNK. Philadelphia's S-21 tell us the history behind their name, BETON give us their take on a Brazil tour, ZERODENT get us dancing in Perth, PELUQUERÍA CANINA play melodic punk in Madrid, SECOND COMBAT keep sxe-hardcore alive in Malaysia, Brazil’s VIDA RUIM spread their love for Hüsker Dü, and Austin’s BODY PRESSURE want to "make bigots scared again". We have an update on our Archive Project progress and then we delve into some lesser known Finnish KBD gems from the new compilation "kuoleman tappaneet", talk with punk writer and zinester, Jessie Lynn McMains, we’ve also got photos from Chicago’s Infestational and This is Austin Not that Great. All this plus the book, zine, and films reviews you love.

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