#404 (january 2017) (2016/MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL)

HARDCORE/PUNK. In light of the impending Trump presidency, we have a very useful guide to basic cybersecurity, revolutionary reading lists, Q&As from Transgress Fest, and more. We have photo spreads from Static Shock Fest and the current Mexico City Punk scene, interviews with Copenhagen art punks PRISON, Kansas City freaks PHANTOM HEAD, and Berlin-based phenomenon DIÄT. Dublin post-punkers the BLOW INS talk about carving out space for Polish punks in a new country, Baltimore’s QUITTER share the trials and tribulations of gas station food and sweaty jumpsuits, and Oakland’s HARD LEFT can’t decide if they are hard-mod or utopian oi!. It all wraps up with Canadian raw punk band PARASYTES, a joint interview with LAKES and TOL (two Australian bands that share members), and Scottish vegan straightedge riotgrrrls BRATAKUS. Get it today!

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