s/t (2016) (2016/DERANGED)

HARDCORE. HEAT's debut 7" is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to just name check the cult hardcore groups of yore who make up HEAT's primary influences - NEANDERTHAL, CITIZENS ARREST, IMPACT UNIT, CROSSED OUT, etc. - but these San Diego insurgents aren't content simply paying homage; they're taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self-stylized direction. Whether full-tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there's a natural fluidity and cohesion to HEAT's under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belies the group's intensity. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

7" 7.00€* Other articles by HEAT