#3 (2016/NO FRIENDS)

HARDCORE/PUNK. Issue #3 has interviews with Oakland art-damaged, weirdo punks VIOLENCE CREEP, bleak Icelandic post-punks BÖRN, Los Angeles stand-up comedian Kyle Kinane, ringleader behind Halo of Flies Records and PROTESTANT, Corey Von Bohlen, Vermont’s queer-centric record label Stickshift Records, international d.i.y. documentarian John Yingling of the World Underground series, Buffalo, NY’s one-woman lo-fi punk powerhouse JAMIE & THE DEBT. Plus tons of columns, hundreds of music reviews, and articles about stuff like how to go skateboarding in North Korea, 120 pages of some of the most interesting and most entertaining punk/hardcore/whatever coverage you're gonna find these days. Issue #3 will come with exclusive tracks from Oakland’s VIOLENCE CREEPS, the straight-ahead screech and riffs of Brooklyn’s SHOCKWAVES, Chicago’s weirdo-punk noiseniks TV SLIME, and the best goddamn teenaged punk band the city of Bellwood has to offer, BLEEDING GUMS.

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