split (2016/EPISTROPHY)

AMBIENT/INDIE/DRONE. This is a concept split 7" originally released in 1995 and out-of-press since ages. With music by early BOHREN along with their friends and furtherers in the domain of fine arts. WALD were popular for the best song titles ever and on the their side of the 7", WALD reworked demos from the band back then just known (or rather just not very known yet) simply as BOHREN. The flipside of the 7" shows what BOHREN were capable of just after they extended their band name and shifted their scope: away with the vocal harmonies and into starting off the joyride and reaching unique status by simply (or rather not so simply) adding meaning to nothingness. Vinyl is limited to 330 copies, got re-mastered from the original tapes and is housed in the original artwork. * RECORD STORE DAY 2016 *

7"col 19.00€* Other articles by BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE / WALD