#389 (october 2015) (2015/MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL)

HARDCORE/PUNK. On the cover you'll get SICK THOUGHTS, teen punk and the man behind the most prolific one-man-band du jour. Robert Collins of CONQUEST FOR DEATH takes you on the band's recent tour of Mongolia, South Korea, China, and Japan and you've got a double dose of Portland, Oregon, with interviews with the STOPS and VIVID SEKT. MRR go deep and dark into the damaged minds of San Francisco's SWIFTUMZ, get clued into a bit of the Irish hardcore scene with RATS BLOOD, and speak with Danish dark punks MOTH and Croatian synth punks MODERN DELUSION, plus a conversation with Oakland-based feminist, anarchist, badass-ist duo RAGANA. Plus, your essential guide to new punk records, demos, books, and zines, and all of your favorite columnists.

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