asunder, sweet and other distress (2015/CONSTELLATION)

POST-ROCK. "asunder, sweet and other distress" clocks in at a succinct 40min and is arguably the most focused and best-sounding recording of the band's career. Following GODSPEED's return from a long hiatus this mighty slab of superlative sonics is shot through with all the band's inimitable signposts and touchstones: huge unison riffage, savage noise/drone, oscillating overtones, guitar vs. string counterpoint, inexorable crescendos and scorched-earth transitions. "asunder, sweet and other distress" finds GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR in top form; a sterling celebration of the band's awesome dialectic, where composition, emotion and note-choice is inextricable from an exacting focus on tone, timbre, resonance and the sheer materiality of sound. Thick 180gr vinyl comes with a poster, gatefold-sleebve and includes a digital download card.

LP 19.00€* Other articles by GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR