los demenciales chicos acelerados (2019/MUNSTER)

PUNK-ROCK. "los demenciales chicos acelerados" is ESKORBUTO's 4th studio album, originally released by Discos Suicidas in 1987. It was their most ambitious project, a double LP rock-opera in the vein of "quadrophenia" by their beloved THE WHO. It tells the story of an unscrupulous young man who wishes to achieve power at all costs, stepping over everyone and everything in order to do whatever he wants politically. The album contains new versions of a few previous tracks. This is the 1st facsimile vinyl reissue of one of the most piercing albums in Spain's rock history, by a band whose significance has crossed all kinds of borders. Housed in a controversial gatefold-sleeve, the double LP is a political satirical work against any kind of dictatorial regime.

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