into the unfathomable abyss (2014/BURNING WORLD/DRY COUGH)

DOOM/SLUDGE-METAL. Following a CD release on Candlelight Records, the 7-track album receives a much warranted vinyl pressing. The thundering war drums, the voices of the old ones, the monolithic rumble of the war charge; COLTSBLOOD head unto the breach once more with a double LP of new war hymns, "into the unfathomable abyss". Following on from 2013's self-released demo and their split with CRYPT LURKER, the battle-charged trio from Liverpool present their latest offering of crushing, often suffocating, doom. The trio are primal, bleak, utterly devastating and dripping with tar-black sludge. If you're sick of GRIEF, CELTIC FROST, CONAN and INDIAN you should buy this gem. Double LP comes in a gatefold-sleeve, strictly limited to 300 copies.

DoLP 14.00€* Other articles by COLTSBLOOD