the first is the first..the second is a nobody - split (1999/PER KORO)

POST-HARDCORE. Both bands deliver us hot, exciting, brilliant and modern new-schoolish '90s hardcore. LINSAY kick much arse with their patented German emotional new-schoolish hardcore and seem capable of flooring just about all comers with their furious riffsmithery. The 2 tracks offering pounding riffage, furious screamed vocals and some well-chosen samples that really help to build the tension. ENFOLD on the other hand, are something like the bastard child of BOTCH and the SWING KIDS. They're offering a touch of welcome variation after LINSAY's straightahead pummel. They kick and scream something chronic, all angry vocals and spastic riffs, jumping jerkily from pillar to post and ensuring you just can't quite get a grip on what they're gonna do next. This one is highly recommended and ring the bell of next generation bands. TESTPRESS (NEW unplayed, limited white labeled vinyl) comes with original cover and lyric-sheet. [PK 026] * TESTPRESS *

7" 9.00€* Other articles by ENFOLD / LINSAY