mayor on crack (2014/UGLY POP)

PUNK-ROCK. Toronto "mayor" Rob Ford is an ignorant, corrupt, lying, bigoted, drunk-driving clown of a drug addict, so it’s clearly incumbent upon us to issue a punk-rock record attacking him personally. Luckily, SFH had already written the necessary response to this unfortunate episode in our city’s history, so Ugly Pop are putting it on the 7" it deserves. SFH frontman Kinsella is known to aficionados of Canadian punk for his part in '80s HOT NASTIES 7", and to most of the country as a persistent thorn in the side of the national right. His present band continue to churn out the sort of tuneful, topical but angry punk that the tasteless goons of ford nation would find decidedly unappealing.

7" 4.00€* Other articles by SFH