s/t (2014/ERSTE THEKE)

PUNK/GARAGE-ROCK. If you are looking for a new and outstanding band from Europe, here you got it. What you get is pure Danish unrelenting punk-rock damage. Take the smarmy music oft THE URINALS, speed it up to 150% and crank the volume up to the max and you hear what the HAPPY HOOKERS FOR JESUS are all about. This 7" is a little bastard of punk that‘s stuck in your head with the first listen. A nihilistic feedback orgy in four acts, packed with merciless insanity, screeching guitars, distorted echo-voice and a totally wasted i-don't-give-a-flying-fuck-attitude, all thrown together in a stinky garage. So, get it or get lost!

7" 3.00€* Other articles by HAPPY HOOKERS FOR JESUS