s/t (2013/NERDCORE)

BLACK-METAL/NOISE. If you think about influences while listening to this beast, alongside newer acts that wander the path between noise and black-metal you surely have to think of DARKTHRONE. Starting as black-metal pioneers and later developing their very own punkish crust sound. HOUSE OF APPARITION uses these elements to create a unique listening experience that combines the traditional spirit of early Norwegian bands with a modern Youth Attack Records styled approach. Midpaced melodies, minimal drumming, tortured screams errupt into furious thrashing riffs all enveloped in dark harsh electronic noise. Music as rough as it is nihilistic. Vinyl comes with handscreened, embossed and handassembled ultra heavy cardboard covers. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl.

LP 10.00€* Other articles by HOUSE OF APPARITION