the eterny itch (2013/HALLELUJA STONER)

STONER/DOOM-METAL. Formed in the year 2000 in Nuremberg,Germany with the intention to celebrate stoner and doom in the vein of bands like BURNING WITCH, CATHEDRAL, GRIEF. With currently 4 releases under their belt, VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED have transformed to a unique underground progressive doom and sludge act, not only focussing on playing slow but rather uniting heaviness with well-developed song structures and multi-layered sounds drawing from a whole lot of influences. Image YOB and GOATSNAKE are jamming with KING CRIMSON, ENTOMBED and PINK FLOYD all at the same time. "the eternity itch" is VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED’s most intense and versatile release so far.

LP 7.50€* Other articles by VERSUS THE STILLBORN-MINDED