split (2013/7 DEGREE)

GRINDCORE/CRUST/METAL. KRATZER are a young band from Hamburg, Germany, and play a brutal mix of crust-hardcore and black-metal. Pissed off german lyrics with a strong socioplolitical theme, desperately screamed over a gloomy, dark and heavy, yet at times melodic wall of sound. Members have been in bands like ESCAPADO, RESECTION etc., so you feel that strong punk-vibe! KVAZAR were a greek grindcore band, active from 1998-2011. The recordings were their last, but due to the leaving of the vocalist it has never been finished. Then Panos from DEPHOSPHORUS came into play to record the vocals for this farewell release. Now it has everything a good grind record needs: blasting drums, buzzsaw guitars and a sore throat! Vinyl includes a digital download card.

LP 6.50€* Other articles by KRATZER / KVAZAR