split (2013/SPHC)

GRINDCORE/NOISE. This is probably the most heinous, fucked up, nonsensical racket of a record of 2013. Only for the most true grind freaks and noise fiends. SETE STAR SEPT are the best Japanese grind band around. This recording sees them applying their usual free-grindcore style through a lens of SEVEN MINUTES OF NAUSEA and '90s Spanish noisecore influences. Total shitnoise production that makes you wonder how/why/just what the fuck is going on anyway. NOISE, the legendary hyper-political Brazilian grind unit, going over 20 years strong now. These recordings are exactly what you've come to know and love from this band: a non-stop barrage of raging grind blasts, a total noise assault to destroy the world capitalist system and give people headaches. A flawless victory for our side in the campaign for musical destruction.

10" 7.50€* Other articles by SETE STAR SEPT / NOISE