PROGRESSIVE-HARDCORE/METAL. DEZAFRA RIDGE from Leipzig, Germany are a new band but their brand of super heavy doom is just brilliant. Awesome melodies, great deep guitars and top notch singer - all this is just a perfect mix ( members of THROWERS ). RITUALS from Phoenix, USA play a blend of slow, heavy, and pummeling riffs with a mixture of sonically versed melancholy melodies. This music comes from the stomach. There are 5 tracks on this release. The distorted guitars are augmented thundering drums as the harsh vocals paint images of nomadic cultures and cracked earth under a burning sky. In other words, can be a classic. Fans of brilliant, emotive, progressive music (hardcore, metal or otherwise) must have this one. Vinyl comes on 180gr and with a heavy gatefold-cover.

LP 7.50€* Other articles by RITUALS / DEZAFRA RIDGE