one more for the gallows (2011/BOLLOX)

CRUST-METAL. Norways gloomiest and heaviest crust-monster is back! 4 years after their 1st full-lengst "scavengers feast", SUMMON THE CROWS are prepared to unleash a new studio album of 10 manic and intense bulldozer-crust anthems that come along with a distinctive blackened vibe and a vary of fast and mid-tempo elements in their songwriting not unlike old black-metal but with a way better production and a hell lot of sound and urge for power in their production! You might spot some bits of influence here and there, reminding you sometimes of SLAYER, CELTIC FROST or even the old vintage VOIVOD. A guttural sick vibe within the vocals, a bass and drum unit that weights several tons and a heavy shredding and chugging guitar that creates a sonic juggernaut of grim and dire tunes. LP comes with a poster insert including lyrics and artwork. The new-wave of Norvegian blackened crust has arrived!

LP 7.00€* Other articles by SUMMON THE CROWS