we all die in the end (2011/PRANK)

HARDCORE. Raging hardcore from the Bay-Area. NO STATIK's debut LP takes a straight forward '80s hardcore charge and detonates it with bursts of chaotic '90s hardcore rapid fire drumming, leaving guitar leads sear and squeal out of the chaos as brutal vocals dredged and nail down dark, pointed lyrics. Six inventive blasts of thick, stop, start and rampage are on the a-side and the b-side is the title track, an experimental track that weaves the band's hardcore attack in and out of an ambient and rhythmic soundscape. Featuring former members of MEMENTO MORI/SCROTUM GRINDER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH/DESTROY, SCHOLASTIC DETH/END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and ARTIMUS PYLE/WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?/CONQUEST FOR DEATH.

LP 13.50€* Other articles by NO STATIK