all my favorite love songs are by cannibal corpse (2010/OLYMPUS MONS)

HARDCORE. Bielefeld hardcore is back on the map! Members of WHAT NEVER DIES, GETAWAY DRIVERS and MARJORIE joined forces in order to bring you to your knees with 5 tracks of thrashy hardcore. "all my favorite love songs are by cannibal corpse" sounds like it could come right out of the golden years of thrash-hardcore. SOULS FOR SALE sounds like many common bands, but more polished and leaning much more on the metal side than on the hardcore side. As a whole, out of the many records produced, this is a fine one. It provides all the great qualities of thrash influenced hardcore listeners have come to expect and more. It is unique and totally different. You will not be disappointed. Limited colored edition of just 250 items. Are you ready for some fuckin' darkness?

LPcol 6.00€* Other articles by SOULS FOR SALE