3-way split (2010/DEEP SIX)

GRINDCORE/POWER-VIOLENCE HARDCORE. Featuring former members of KALIBAS and ANODYNE, DEFEATIST deliver a devastating blend of tech-grind with intricately woven guitarwork mixed with a crushing MELVINS on warp speed-style rhythm section. Baltimore's TRIAC juxtapose classic Amphetamine Reptile muscle with modern power-violence, resulting in a crushing fusion of raw grind and noise-rock forcefulness punctuated by massive drumming and filthy bass. ASRA, sounding like AUTOPSY re-envisioned by mid '90s power-violence-obsessed thugs, offer up crushing tracks filled with ever-shifting drum patterns, innovative thrash-influenced riffs, and varied vocal patterns.

LP 8.00€* Other articles by DEFEATIST / TRIAC / ASRA